Rachel Potts – Bilston
“Saw this band at The Robin 2 in Bilston, July 2018. I’m not a tribute band fan, but I am a lifelong Blackmore fan and after much persuasion from a friend I decided to give these guys a go. What a band!!! Go and see them! Malcolm Midwood is the closest thing to Ritchie Blackmore you’re ever going to get … He blew me away, he looks like him and he plays like him, achieving the same beautifully melodic sound that Ritchie is so well renowned for …. With respect to my greatest guitar hero of all time who is now 73, the younger Mr B aka Malcolm can reel off the great classics with ease… Light In The Black, Stargazer and even Gates Of Babylon! The highlight of the night for me … 16th Century Greensleeves moving into Catch The Rainbow… It was like someone had put On Stage on the turntable, stunningly beautiful, what a sound! Thank you to the band, Andy, Jim, Keith, Phil – wow! all fantastic musicians – and of course Malcolm for recreating the classic Purple/Rainbow from their best days (my opinion). And nice one Ronnie, their manager, for the excellent job you so obviously do of bringing these guys together. See you in Washington guys, can’t wait.”

Julian Cundiff – Selby
“Full Review….A cold winters night in Selby in November was hardly the stuff of dreams but a chance to meet up with an old school pal and see a brace of tribute bands made the night worth the effort.. Having seen virtually every rock band big and small from 1976 onwards it takes a lot to surprise me (The Darkness in 2003 and Inglorious in 2014 come to mind) but bloody hell, where the hell did Blackmore’s Blood appear from.. I’d seen Rainbow/Purple themed tributes but 5 minutes in and they absolutely blew me away. The whole band were spot on but “The Man in Black” Malcolm Midwood, made the guy I saw at the 02 look ready for his pension.. The histrionics, the moves, the chops, the stagecraft, it was Ritchie reincarnated in the golden years. Nothing, repeat nothing comes close that I have seen. ‘Stargazer’, ‘Mistreated’, LLRNR…. If only the originals could do it this way.. Even if they could it wouldn’t be for a tenner and it wouldn’t be in venues this size.. Amazing songs produced with passion by genuinely talented individuals and a prodigy of awe inspiring talent. I don’t care what originals or tributes you’ve seen go check these guys out and you will be asking when their next show is.”

Julian Cundiff – Selby
“Saw these guys on Saturday and I have to say they were unbelievable. If you like the music that is associated with Ritchie Blackmore these guys were off the scale (and that’s from someone who has loved his stuff from the 70’s onwards). Best I’ve seen. Honest – the lead guitarist is related bloodline to Ritchie and is like Ritchie 1976!! Probably the best tribute band ever!!!”

Gordon Anthony – Glasgow
“Brilliant. Didn’t know what to expect before the gig. But absolutely amazing and can’t wait until next time”

Tom Docherty – Glasgow
“Great gig last night – much much better than the originals at Birmingham last year”

Valerie Provan – Glasgow
“Absolutely Brilliant……what a sound ….no need to see Rainbow now got my ‘hit’ last night. Will be looking out for their next gig!”

Andy Howard – Chester
“Really good show, and 10 out of 10 for authenticity! Both Catch the Rainbow and Mistreated were like listening to ‘On Stage’ at times. Also Stargazer and the Light in the Black ……….wow……..Credit to your drummer as Cozy struggled with that!!!!
We will definitely see you all again and thanks again for keeping the flame alive…You guys rock!”

Mike V Jevons – Chester
“Thank you all for a great show last Friday. We both thoroughly enjoyed your set. A bonus for me was “Light In The Black” – rock at it’s finest.”

Paul Glass – Washington
“Doesn’t just look the part!! Plays the part as well…very well. Anyone who appreciates Blackmore will appreciate this guys playing style…… Blackmore to a T”

Gaz Humble – Washington
“You rocked the Arts Centre Washington…Long Live Rock n Roll”

Kerry Tisdall – Washington
“Brilliant night. My ears are still ringing!”

Fred Lockwood – Barnsley
“Excellent night at Barnsley Polish Club. Loved every second of every song.”

Helen Elizabeth Wyatt – Barnsley
“Excellent gig, loved every minute and didn’t want you to finish x til next time lads x.”

Brian Heathcote – Barnsley
“Great gig guys loved it and come back soon.”